Uptime Devices and Sequel Data Systems Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Complete Data & Protection Solution

Austi, TX

Uptime Devices, a leading innovator in environmental monitoring, power control, and data center security devices, and Sequel Data Systems, Inc, an IT infrastructure and consulting firm that services commercial and public sector entities today announced a strategic partnership whereby Sequel Data will offer Uptime Devices’ products to customers who require environmental monitoring solutions on top of their data solutions.

The strategic partnership gives Uptime Devices another distribution channel for its line of remote environmental monitoring devices and will allow Sequel Data Systems to offer an added layer of physical protection to their customer base.

“We’re seeing Uptime’s products immediately catch the attention of our customers,” said Chris Case, CEO of Sequel Data Systems, Inc. “Uptime Devices is providing the same functionality as similar, more expensive products but at a lower price point, and our customers are immediately taking notice.”

Uptime Devices’ line of environmental monitoring includes hard ware to monitor temperature, power, humidity, airflow and other important data center conditions.

Uptime’s flagship product, Remote Physical Monitor (RPM), uses Remote Intelligent Multi Sensors® technology (RIMS) to collect environmental and security data. Because RIMS are a Daisy Chain Sensor® up to 250 RIMS can be plugged into one RPM control monitor.

About Sequel Data Systems, Inc.

Sequel Data Systems has installed Uptime Devices’ solutions in the company’s mobile data center, which showcases the latest data center technology. Designed to replicate real world scenarios, the Mobile Data Center is two sites in a 40 ft trailer and we promise it will revolutionize the way you look at your data center and disaster recovery sites.

“We’re excited about having Uptime Devices’ products in Sequel Data’s mobile data center,” said Jean-Paul Daemen, CEO of Uptime Devices. “It gives visitors a chance to see our product line seamlessly integrated with some of the top hardware and software available and shows them that protecting their data center environment doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition.”

Sequel Data Systems, Inc. is an IT infrastructure and consulting firm that services both commercial and public sector entities. Established in 1986 as a Digital Equipment Corporation VAR, the company have grown to become one of the largest enterprise focused consulting firms in Texas, and has developed a consulting practice that focuses on highly scalable enterprise architectures that include servers, storage, and networks. In addition, we have expertise in both server and storage virtualization. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Sequel Data Systems work with companies throughout the US, as well as, internationally, to include healthcare, casinos, banks, universities, and government entities. To learn more about Sequel Data Systems, Inc, visit sequeldata.com or call (512) 918-8841.

About Uptime Devices

Founded in 2001, Uptime Devices is a leading innovator in environmental monitoring, power control, and data center security devices. The Uptime Devices product line allows IT and facility managers to increase security and uptime of enterprise networks while protecting critical facility environments. The company’s flagship product, Remote Physical Monitor (RPM), sets a new standard in environmental, security, and power monitoring with its superior scalability and ease of use. To learn more about Uptime Devices integrated solutions, visit www.daisychainsensor.com or call (512) 328-1800.