RPM Console Manager

Uptime Devices’ RPM CM enables data centers to monitor installations as small as a single PC and as large as an entire data center.

A complete environmental monitoring tool, the Remote Physical Monitor CM [RPM CM] provides real-time information on environment, security, and power usage. Access data from anywhere via our web-based platform, SNMP, or SMS— there is no software needed. Our products feature our classic 10-minute installation. Program the Remote Physical Monitor CM to send out E-Mail or SMS alerts when user-defined limits are reached. The RPM CM uses Daisy Chain Sensor® technology, which allows hundreds of sensors to be controlled by one Remote Physical Monitor CM unit. With 1U of rack space, a user can monitor and control a vast number of environmentally-sensitive assets. Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Water, Smoke, Air Flow, Security, Power, Dry Contact and control PDUs remotely.


  • Environmental, security, and power monitoring
  • Real-time power usage data for more efficient power management
  • Single console for monitoring and control of both physical and virtual environments
  • Preemptive notifications and environmental alarms
  • Maximize component life
  • Optimize cooling efficiency to decrease energy costs
  • Proactive power management during an alarm event
  • E-mail event notification and SNMP traps for defined system events


  • Daisy chain sensor® (RIMS) technology
  • Monitor and control PDU
  • Browser based interface
  • Password protection
  • LCD Screen
  • Alerts: Authenticated e-mail, SMS, SNMP traps, and audible buzzer
  • MIB file
  • Alarm Logs
  • Graphs
  • International power supply 120/240V AC

How it Works

Monitor Multiple Environments on 1U of Rack Space

Weight 5lbs
Length 4in
Width 18in
Height 12in