Sensor Hub™ Series

The original SNMP-based environmental monitoring device, Sensor Hub™ is a proven solution to protect environmentally-sensitive assets. Sensor Hub™ provides real-time information on environment and security. Access data from anywhere via our web-based platform – there is no software needed. As always, our products feature our classic 10-minute installation. Program Sensor Hub™ to send out E-Mail notifications on SNMP Traps when user-defined limits are reached. This product is 0U rack-mountable, taking up less space and generating less heat. Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Water, Smoke, Air Flow, and Security.

(SH-2) includes 1 Temperature Sensor
(SH-2+I) includes 1 Temp/Humidity Combo Sensor


  • Environmental and security monitoring
  • Preemptive notifications and environmental alarms
  • Maximize component life
  • Optimize cooling efficiency to decrease energy costs
  • E-mail event notification and SNMP traps for defined system events


  • 2 sensor ports
  • Browser based interface
  • Graphs
  • Password Protection
  • Alerts: E-mail and SNMP traps
  • MIB file
  • Supports SNMP Polling
  • 4 user defined alarm thresholds
  • SATS Included


  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Physical Access Control Monitoring
  • 0U Rack Mountable

Uptime Devices’ SH-2 is a compact environmental and security monitoring network device. The SH-2 detects threats before they can cause a disaster by delivering real time data and alarm notifications. The browser based interface delivers real-time environmental and security data and graphs.

Weight 2lbs
Length 4in
Width 10in
Height 7in