The Growing Importance of Intelligent Power Submetering

The Growing Importance of Intelligent Power Submetering

Rising energy costs have created more discussion on the need for accurate energy use monitoring. At Uptime Devices, we made sure our newest infrastructure monitoring solution, the RPM Console Manager, came equipped to host ANSI billing class power meters.

Uptime Devices is based out of Austin, Texas, and, the problem of rising energy prices has been illustrated perfectly in our own backyard. Currently, City of Austin Electricity is negotiating with Austin City Council on sizeable electric bill hikes from small businesses to homeowners. While schools get a deserved break on the proposed new rates, unfortunately, according to the Austin-American Statesman, “businesses such as hospitals and data centers would see rates rise as much as 20 percent”.

With the upward trajectory of green energy, many electric utilities are seeing their profits diminished as more businesses switch to alternative solutions for their power. As a result, electric companies are increasing bills. There are several arguments for accurate power metering.

Load Profiling and Benchmarking

Monitoring your energy enables a business to see if the load profiling they are getting from the electric company is accurate. It also allows for pinpointing where excessive energy might be cut and makes for more efficient energy use.

Data Center Tenant Cost Allocation

Accurately monitoring power in a data center means being able to assess which users are using the lion’s share of resources. For example, if one customer is utilizing 25% off all resources with busy servers, action can be taken to minimize costs.

Net Metering

For businesses employing renewable energy resources, monitoring energy usage can mean more money back in incentives. Intelligent power meters relay TOU (time of use) and allow for strategic planning for electricity minimization.

Green Building Initiatives and Energy Conservation

While initiatives vary from country to country and state to state, a growing number of places, such as California, are executing large initiatives meant to protect resources and protect the environment. Reporting energy efficiency can also be a great public relations tool, not to mention the satisfaction of being a responsible member of the community.

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